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The city is constantly telling us what to do, what to think, and how to act. Using explicit visual language, a multiplicity of billboards, signs, images and symbols invade our public spaces in order to tell us how to behave. YOUR TEXT HERE is a project that challenges this condition: Citizens are given the opportunity to change their role as receivers of information in order become the authors. The way it works is simple: you submit an anonymous text message in a website through your mobile phone, and in turn it is automatically projected at large scale onto the façade of a building.

YOUR TEXT HERE is a participatory, site-specific light installation that aims at empowering local communities by providing a tool that transforms people voices into citizen proclamations the size of buildings. Participatory members of the audience are invited to submit anonymous text messages through their mobile phones with total freedom of speech, engaging in a dynamic dialogue with the city.

The project aims at bringing citizens together as a community in public space, providing a tool for public expression through which they can share their feelings, identities, secrets, criticism, wisdom, support, advice, frustrations, etc. Each received anonymous text message is automatically projected for about 10 to 20 seconds. In this way, the space becomes an arena for debate, a catalyst for social interaction.